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Channel Valves

CECO manufactures channel valves for Ingersoll Rand® and Dresser–Rand® compressors.

  • Valve Seat Plate - CECO reversible plates renew the seat without refashioning.

  • Screwdriver Assembly - CECO channel valves can be assembled and disassembled with a standard screwdriver.

  • Gas Cushion - CECO valves reduce channel impact by trapping gas between the channel and spring, giving a gas cushion which never wears out.

  • Low Valve Clearance - CECO channel valves are designed with minimum valve clearance to reduce energy from gas recompression and to keep discharge temperature to a minimum.

  • Aerodynamic Flow - CECO design permits smooth gas flow, giving high valve efficiency. This efficiency is accomplished by stepping the seat area and doing away with the right angle flow at the valve seat.

  • Lapped Seat & Channel - CECO valve seating areas are lapped to insure perfect sealing, give maximum efficiency, and maintain minimum discharge temperature.

  • Channel Design - CECO utilizes the channel shape to obtain maximum strength with minimum weight. Each channel is an individual valve and operates independently, alleviating mass impact.

  • High Flow Area - CECO channel valves are designed to utilize maximum flow area for a given hole diameter as compared to conventional plate valves which use center bolts.

  • Performance - CECO valves are designed for all types of reciprocating compressors; pressures to 1500 psi, speeds to 1200 rpm, and all types of gas.

  • Non-Lubricated - CECO non-lubricated channel valves are of special design and materials for NL compressors. History has proven that CECO channel valves are capable of continuous non-lubricated service without maintenance.