Engineered Excellence Delivered

full Overhaul

Restore your compressor to
like-new condition!

We staff trained professionals with decades of experience in compressor overhauls. CECO Mechanical Field Services has the ability to restore worn reciprocating compressor units to like-new condition. Our overhaul services include, but are not limited to:
  • Measuring and recording as-found readings
    • Rod run out
    • Web deflections
    • Bearing clearances
    • Micrometer measurement of cylinder bore
    • Frame level
    • Gas Path Integrity Check (GPIC)
  • Compressor cylinder component disassembly and cleaning
  • Remove internal cylinder components for shop repair
  • Hone cylinder bore
  • Install all repaired components
  • Set piston and rod clearances
  • Measure and record all as-left readings
  • Rebuild oil pump (when requested)
  • Torque all fasteners to OEM specification
  • Pressure test and start-up of unit