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Piston Rod

A complete stock of pistons and piston rods are ready for immediate shipment.

CECO has a complete line of pistons and piston rods in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Standard-sized pistons are kept in inventory along with a complete line of piston castings. This allows us to meet your required delivery on oversized cylinder bores. CECO can ship a finished piston in 24 hours. Piston rods are stocked and can be shipped with accessories including nuts, collars, and cotter pins.

CECO can alter designs to suit various applications and resolve chronic failures for compressor pistons. Our engineers have extensive OEM, R & D, and field conversion experience, and metallurgical expertise. Solving chronic piston failures has made CECO the best friend of many production, service, and maintenance managers.

CECO manufactured piston rods are more readily available than most supplied by OEMs. CECO can ship from its stock of popular piston rods or rapidly produce a piston rod from a wide selection of specialty steels and CNC machining programs.