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Pistons & Rods Repair

Recondition your pistons and rods at one of our precision repair facilities.

CECO offers complete solutions for your compressor pistons and rods. Choose from our newly-manufactured pistons and rods or have yours reconditioned through one of our Precision Repair Facilities.

Piston rings and rider bands are manufactured in our Houston Polymer Products plant. For compressor rods, we offer rolled threads and machined threads.

Repair process:
  • Clean and micrometer inspect
  • True-check piston rod
  • True-check piston
  • Reclaim torque faces of piston
  • Polish rods
  • Manufacture new rods
  • HVOF Colomony-coat rods in packing areas
  • Tungsten(nickel or cobalt)-coat rods in packing areas
  • Reclaim ring grooves
  • Reclaim rider grooves and more...