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CECO finger-style deactivators are robust and reliable.

CECOs durFLEX™ is the world's first long-lasting, low-maintenance deactivator that can be used in valves requiring finger-style unloaders and operate up to 1,200 rpm. With small valve diameters, the only effective method of unloading suction valves is through the use of finger style unloaders. Until now, this method was fraught with problems due to the fact that finger and valve element breakages are extremely common.

The durFLEX™ finger-style deactivator compensates for varying pressure on the valve elements. It is more robust and reliable and eliminates premature failures inherent in older designs. The durFLEX™ design allows for the deactivation of valves without damaging them, and does it in a timely, efficient manner. This is accomplished with a unique patent-pending, self-dampening finger-style construction that eliminates the breakage of fingers or valve sealing elements. The CECO durFLEX™ deactivator unloads existing valves with excellent results.