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ePV Monitor ePV

Analyze your gas compressor packing cases

ePV™ is a vent flow analysis tool specifically designed to monitor gas compressor packing cases. The ePV™ can be permanently mounted or used as a portable device to meet the EPA Greenhouse Gases Reporting Rule Subpart "W" requirements for emissions monitoring.

There are now three options for the ePV™:
  • ePV™ sensor (tube tee or insertable)
  • ePV™ Portable Kit
  • ePV™ Multi Sensor Display Panel
The ePV™ utilizes proven thermal-dispersion flow measurement technology with equal mass sensing to achieve outstanding sensitivity and repeatability. There are no moving parts so the ePV™ is non-clogging which ensures continuous reliability and no maintenance costs. This is the lowest cost solution for end users and system integrators as it is a self-contained unit and does not require calibration in the field. Contact a CECO Sales Rep today for information or download the ePV Flyer.