Technical writing

Assisting clients to meet their documentation needs.

CECO Training and Technical Services has the ability and expertise to create customized documentation that will meet the specific needs of each client. We can design courses based on our existing task lists or start from the ground up and build tailor-made tasks that fit the client’s requirements. As companies grow, so does their need for Operations and Maintenance manuals. CECO works closely with our clients to build O&M manuals that lead to more efficient maintenance activities and operational awareness.

Rather than hiring a CECO instructor to teach a training course, clients sometimes prefer that their own SMEs lead the course. In these instances CECO can provide class materials and a special license with a Trainer’s Kit that contains:
  • Lesson plans
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Presenter’s notes
Courses may be selected from our course listing or custom–built to fit specific client needs. To learn more, please contact CECO Training and Technical Services.