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eMAX Valve eMAX

Improve your compressor's efficiency.

Every year, the industry loses precious dollars in fuel from old and inefficient compressor valves. Install a CECO eMAX™ Poppet Valve and immediately increase your efficiency and profits.

Here’s how: eMAX™ poppet valves are designed to allow the maximum flow through the seat and guard. Parts for the valve seat, guard, and chair are cast from ductile iron and are precision-machined on CNC equipment to exacting tolerances. The contoured valve seats, operating with the specially-contoured poppet heads, minimize sticking that occurs in ordinary poppets. The springs used in eMAX™ poppet valves are considered "superior" because they are precision-wound from the finest high-quality materials. In addition, all springs are closed, stress-relieved, and ground to exacting tolerances. Poppet valves are available with a broad range of spring ratings and poppet materials to fit your specific operating conditions.

CECO also offers specially-formulated PEEK (polyether ether ketone) poppets. As a result, our valves can withstand continuous operating temperature of 350°F and higher ratio applications such as multistage or process compressors. CECO custom-manufactures and stocks a complete line of valves for any job, including higher ratio applications.

The lift on a typical plate valve is .090" but lift on an eMAX™ poppet valve equals a full .300". Higher lift and better flow characteristics result in significantly greater fuel efficiency while maximizing throughput. Also, liquids or contaminants in the gas stream are less likely to affect valve performance and life. A longer life combined with a simple, field repairable design, equals less downtime and much-reduced maintenance costs.

This valve design is available in single deck, double deck and half deck arrangement upon request.