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rMAX Valve rMAX

Improve your compressor’s reliability.

The CECO rMAX™ high-speed valve is designed to maximize compressor run-times, handle entrained liquids better and radically reduce valve failure. CECO, a leader in dynamic valve design for slow-speed applications since 1964, has taken our proven poppet design and engineered it for high-speed field gathering compressors.

Unique Design
The rMAX™ valve is fully machined from quality stainless steel to withstand harsh field operating conditions and resist corrosion. Contoured valve seats and specially-designed poppet heads minimize liquid or debris entrapment that can cause early failure in disc and ported plate valves. The poppets are machined from high-strength CECO proprietary Resilon-T™ 1015 material that will withstand higher operating temperatures and field conditions that normally cause plate valve failures.

Field Repairable
By only using three internal parts, the rMAX™ valve minimizes the number of components to purchase and maintain. In addition to our valves, CECO provides rMAX™ repair kits allowing your mechanics to easily repair or replace individual components within the valves. CECO rMAX™ valves have three working internal parts, all of which can be custom-tuned to your specific operating conditions.

The rMAX™ valve is much more reliable than other high-speed valve designs currently on the market. The use of proven technology coupled with detailed specifications and precision machining produces the highest-quality compressor valves. CECO’s high-speed valves will increase your compressor's reliability and provide exceptional results when compared to ordinary plate valves.

The result is longer compressor run times and less frequent valve replacement, allowing greater gas throughput and dramatic costs savings.

This valve design is available in single deck, double deck and half deck arrangement upon request.

Engineered to Work Harder
Fully Machined Handles Entrained Liquids
Reliable High-Speed Valves Durable Alloy Steel
Reduces Compressor Downtime Few Replacement Parts
Increases Gas Flow Repair Kits Available
Higher Operating Temperature Tolerant of Liquids and Impurities
Outperforms Traditional Plate Valves Easy Assembly
Cheaper to Repair Field Repairable