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Scavenging Poppet Valve

For unmatched reliability, efficiency and proven long life.

For reliability, efficiency, and proven long life, CECO eMAX™ scavenging poppet valves are unmatched. The seat and mating parts are fully machined on CNC tools which provide position accuracy to .0005, granting added quality and durability. All sealing surfaces are ground flat to prevent leakage between mating parts. Our fasteners are captured by design so that all components are fully retained.

The flow area through the poppet valve is increased over the original valve, delivering more scavenging air for increased engine efficiency and reducing fugitive emissions. Our designers have matched poppets, spring loads, and lift to provide maximum flow through the valves. The initial installation of CECO eMAX™ scavenging poppet valves ran for over 35,000 hours without maintenance, were still in excellent condition when inspected, and are still running. For over ten years, these valves have been trouble-free.