Piston Rings

24-hour rush delivery of piston rings is available.

CECO can suggest the proper piston ring material and design for your application. Our engineering department maintains detailed specifications, proven case histories, and years of experience on reciprocating compressors.

CECO piston rings are machined to very close tolerances to create a positive seal. For low-pressure differentials, including vacuum applications, we recommend using an imbedded round wire expander to ensure contact of the piston ring against the cylinder wall. Please consult with your CECO sales representative for recommendations on the most appropriate piston ring design for your operating conditions.

We maintain a large inventory of bushing material stock in many polymer blends for quick turnaround. You can depend on CECO to meet your delivery needs and exceed performance requirements.

Combination Rings

Combination (Combo) rings are often used when a piston does not have rider bands or the rider band groove is not sufficient to bear the weight of the piston and half the rod weight. Combo rings seal the same as piston rings, but also are load bearing to keep the piston from contacting the liner.

To properly size combo rings, accurate cylinder bore measurements are critical, as the combo ring is sized using the same method as a rider band, with the installed combo ring outside diameter to bore to ensure correct clearance.

Combo rings cost the same as piston rings, and can be very beneficial to reduce wear on rider bands, as well as seal the differential gas across the piston.