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Rider Bands

Available in several cuts and styles.

In addition to piston rings, CECO manufactures a complete line of rider bands, engineered to meet your specific application requirements – with many material options available. Rider bands are primarily used to prevent piston-to-cylinder contact. CECO rider bands, made from our high quality Resilon-T™ material, have proven to outperform other ring materials in both lubricated and non-lubricated services.

Like piston rings, rider bands are available in several different styles: straight, angle, or step cut gaps, in one-piece, two-piece, and multi-piece configurations. As a standard, our rider bands are manufactured with relief grooves

Solid Rider Bands

CECO solid rider bands are uncut rings for an interference fit in the rider band groove for use in applications where rider bands might over-travel valve ports or counter-bores. Solid rider bands are machined so that once expanded over the piston end, they contract like a rubber band providing a snug fit. Unlike piston rings, which must move freely in their grooves to seal, solid rider bands are stretched over the end of the piston and into the rider band bottom groove.

For easier installation, CECO can furnish rider bands which are pre-stretched and mounted on groove-locked expanders to fit over the piston head. Once in the rider groove, the natural elastic memory of the Resilon-T™ material causes the ring to contract to its original dimensions. Unstretched rider bands are also available for force-fit installation.

Cold-Pressing Technique

CECO’s unique cold-pressing technique simplifies the field installation of solid rider bands on tacklock expanders.
  • No heat is applied to rider band when pressed on the tacklock expander.
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of the rider band not shrinking down tight on bottom groove diameter.
  • All ptfe materials have memory retention and if heated too high or too often, the rider band may not contract to the correct interference fit. This allows gas underneath the band and causes premature failure.
  • CECO cold presses rider bands up to 27.5" diameters, ensuring ease of field installation.