Engineered Excellence Delivered

Rod Packing

Custom-designed for your specific application.

CECO pressure packing is available in a wide variety of designs and materials, custom-designed for your particular application. Most materials are in stock and ready for immediate production and fast delivery. Each groove of rod packing ring is light-tight, inspected by hand, and checked to ensure the most effective sealing possible.

Rod packing is one of the most critical compressor components and is often overlooked and misunderstood. Packing is designed to restrict leakage and is not intended to be a perfect seal. Many factors contribute to gas leakage: rod surface finish, gas cleanliness, and packing case cup depth. In addition, packing cups must be lapped, flat and parallel. Correct lubrication is also very important, as too much or too little can cause premature wear and failure.

Today’s strict government emission mandates require an engineered packing solution to ensure the lowest leak rates possible. In most instances, we can retrofit your existing packing cases to comply with federal restrictions on leakage rates. Please consult with your CECO sales representative for recommendations on the most appropriate pressure packing for your specific operating conditions.

CNC Equipment

CECO’s Polymer Products Division uses CNC equipment to hold the tight tolerances that we require and maintain the high level of quality that CECO is known for.

We design and manufacture all of our fixtures in-house to best utilize the speed of the CNC equipment; this doesn’t just eliminate manual processes, if also shortens run times on jobs.

CNC turning and milling operations reduce run-times; this helps us turn orders around much more quickly, enabling us to get parts to our customers sooner.